Want To Pass
The McKinsey Solve Game in United States?


Want To Pass
The McKinsey Solve Game in United States?


Let's get you into McKinsey

I have designed the ULTIMATE guide to pass the McKinsey Digital Assessment

You will learn EVERYTHING you need to MASTER the Problem Solving Game

Helping HUNDREDS of candidates to pass the Imbellus Test:

Attention: McKinsey applicants…

I’ve Uncovered
The Best Way to Crack the McKinsey PSG
That Almost Nobody Knows About… 

To give you the McKinsey offer you want!

From: Francesco Rieppi


My name is Francesco Rieppi, and I’m the #1 case interview coach in the world by number of certified coaching sessions and 5-star reviews.

Yes, that’s right – in the world 🙂 . Here is the proof from PrepLounge.com (click on the image to check!):

I am an ex-BCG consultant and, over the past 9 years, I have helped hundreds of candidates in their preparation to land offers at McKinsey.

McKinsey Problem Solving Game Results

However, a few years ago McKinsey changed the rules of the game…

They moved from the PST to the McKinsey Problem Solving Game and the candidates I helped started to panic as McKinsey claims there is no way to prepare.

I didn’t know what to do to help my candidates… but finally, after tens of hours of research, I managed to create a full-proof guide to pass the McKinsey Imbellus game.

Section of the Video Simulation included in the Guide

And thanks to that, this is what people are saying:

Boris Testimonial for McKinsey Game Combo

"This guide really helped me to pass the game! Francesco's guide gave me a real step-by step plan which is both intuitive and fast."

Boris - Aug 10, 2021

Luki Testimonial for McKinsey Game Combo

"I cannot imagine doing the PSG without reading this guide. It has everything you need to pass. the HR just emailed me that I passed and will go to interview rounds. Thanks Francesco!"

Luki - Oct 15, 2021

Aleksandra Testimonial for McKinsey Game Combo

"Francesco has done a tremendous amount of work and I must admit that it is much more than I could expect from a Guide on solving the Imbellus Game. It is waaaay more!"

Aleksandra - Dec 6, 2021

Travis Testimonial for McKinsey Game Combo

"Thank you, Francesco! I found the written guide and video's extremely helpful in my preparation for the assessment at the Sydney - McKinsey Digital office. Highly recommend. ^_^"

Travis - Aug 12, 2021

Alen Testimonial for McKinsey Game Combo

"This guide is a must-have for Imbellus, since you only get one shot at it! This is by far the best resource out there for Imbellus, it's 100% worth the price!"

Alen - Apr 6, 2021

And if you are curious if these are really replicable stories: check here some of the hundreds McKinsey PSG tests I helped to pass in just a few months!

Unlock the Fastest Way to Pass the McKinsey Problem Solving Game

McKinsey Solve Game

So… What Is This Perfect Guide

 (And How Can It Help You Get Your Dream McKinsey Offer?)

Over the past 2 years, I have spent hundreds of hours finding information on the McKinsey Game and created a guide that:

After helping hundreds of candidates, I am finally ready to offer you the ultimate case preparation program to achieve all of this and more – the McKinsey Imbellus Solve Combo guide.

The techniques and methods you will learn in this course have now helped hundreds of people to land a McKinsey offer.

(If that’s too fast, you can check them here ;))

In the last few months only, I helped

More Than 1000 Candidates
to Crack the McKinsey Solve Game

All by applying what they learnt in my course! And in case you are wondering, this course has

Received More than
200 5-Star Reviews 
on Independent Platforms

And now I want to HELP YOU to master the game, so you can get an offer from McKinsey as well! 

Imbellus Solve Combo

Master the Skills to Pass The McKinsey Solve Game

When you enroll in the McKinsey Combo… Here Is What We Will Cover In Details



McKinsey Game 2022

Would you like to understand what the game is really about? That’s exactly how we will start to unlock all the PSG Secrets in the game. 

You will learn the structure of the McKinsey PSG and the basic flow of the Ecosystem Management and Plant Defense games, plus the real alternatives to these games.

After this, we will move to…

McKinsey Game 2022
PSG Secrets Content Arrow 1
PSG Secrets


Ecosystem Game - The Basics

PSG Secrets

The first game in the Imbellus Test is almost always the Ecosystem Game. But what are the key rules for this game? That’s what we will explore next.

I created a 3-video series that explains every single part of the Ecosystem Management in a real video simulation, including the trick to start your chain during the untimed tutorial that 99% of the candidates miss.

Next, we will move to…

PSG Secrets Content Arrow 2


Ecosystem Game - Building the Chain

McKinsey Solve Game Prep

McKinsey allows for 35 minutes to complete the first game. Would you like to learn how to create a chain in just 16 minutes? That’s what we are going to cover next.

We will see how to build the chain with the McKinsey Game Excel template included with the guide, so that you can complete the first game with ease and save time for the following one.

And moving on, we will see…

McKinsey Solve Game Prep
PSG Secrets Content Arrow 1
The Imbellus Test


Plant Defense - The Basics

The Imbellus Test

The second common game is Plant Defense. What are the key rules of the game for it? That’s what we will check next.

Through a series of 3 videos, we will cover every rule of the Plant Defense game with a real video simulation. You will learn all about the 4 types of defenders and 3 types of barriers, and you discover exactly how to use them to beat the game.

And we are not done yet, because…

PSG Secrets Content Arrow 2


Plant defense - Map Simulations

McKinsey Imbellus Guide

McKinsey asks to resist at least 15 turns in the Plant Defense game. Would you like to learn how to resist 25+ instead? That’s great, because you will watch how in the following videos 😉

We will see 2 separate simulations of Plant Defense game and also cover the possible variations of the game that may occur.

And next, we will move to…

McKinsey Imbellus Guide
PSG Secrets Content Arrow 1
McKinsey PSG Tips



McKinsey PSG Tips

Ready for the next steps? 

We will end by discussing the actions you can take to further turbocharge your preparation before the big day! 

And even if we are done with the videos and all the PSG Secrets, we are not done yet with the Combo. I prepared for you a nice add-on 😉

Discover the Best Method to Pass
the McKinsey PSG

Mckinsey Game Prep

With the McKinsey Solve Combo Guide you will also gain access to my supporting materials for FREE!

With the Combo, you will receive for FREE the following course material:

BONUS #1: McKinsey Imbellus Solve Game Secrets Guide (147 pages)

McKinsey Imbellus-Solve-Game Secrets by Francesco

Would you like to learn the perfect strategy to crack every possible game of the McKinsey PSG?

I wrote for you the only pdf guide on all the 6 games of the McKinsey Problem Solving Game game with 3rd-party verified reviews and step-by-step guidance on how to crack the games.

Click here to read all the reviews.


BONUS #2: Automated McKinsey Solve Game Excel Template

McKinsey Solve Game Excel

Would you like to automatically create your chain without having to use any other tool?

I developed for you an automated McKinsey Game Excel template that can help you complete the Ecosystem Food Chain in as little as 16 minutes. 

Available EXCLUSIVELY with the Imbellus Solve Combo guide.


BONUS #3: Ultimate PSG Secrets Industry Cheat Sheet (62 pages)

Consulting Industry Cheat Sheet

Do you want to get the essential knowledge of the main sectors in consulting?

I created for you a 62-page guide that covers the essentials of 17 different industries, including key activities, sectors and segments, company examples, and key implications for cases.

Available EXCLUSIVELY with the Imbellus Solve Combo guide.


Imbellus Solve Combo

Learn all
the PSG Secrets and
Get a McKinsey Offer

I am offering For a Limited Time the Combo with Lifetime Access at the Discounted rate of $304 $99, with all the material for free, with A 67% discount

Please note that I will change this offer soon. So if you want to secure the current rate book it now before the price goes up!

Oh, and one more thing…

Here Is My

“You’ve Gotta Be Crazy” Guarantee

In case you book the McKinsey Combo Guide via the PSG Secrets website (this guarantee is NOT available anywhere else):

If you don’t pass the test within 60 days and you tell me the Combo was not worth it, I will refund 100% of it.

That’s right. Just send me the email with the rejection within two months from the purchase and I will give your money back within 12 hours.

If you are thinking “How the hell can you offer this crazy guarantee?”, it is simple. 

The Combo works. 

I know you will pass the test if you follow my tips.

That’s why I can offer this, and all the other course creators that created guides for the game are not offering it.

So you don’t even need to decide right now. Take the program and decide after it, based on the outcome.

Because yes, you will pay $99. But you can’t lose.

Both options are risk-free. You have NOTHING to lose and EVERYTHING to gain by getting the McKinsey Solve Combo Guide.

The only thing guaranteed not to help you is NOT taking the Imbellus Solve Combo guide today.

Crack the McKinsey Solve Game and Land your Dream Job At McKinsey

McKinsey Digital Assessment

You will find:

With the McKinsey Combo Guide, you don’t just get “a course”.

You get the knowledge I developed in hundreds of hours of research on the Game, all condensed in one single course, the proof that it works and the guarantee that I will help you until you pass the game.

And that’s what you are investing in.

Any question? Drop me a message in the chat, I will reply within 12 hours.

I look forward to helping you get into McKinsey!


P.S. In case you are one of those people (like me) who just skips to the end of the page, here’s the deal:
I am offering you the BEST and FASTEST way to crack the McKinsey Problem Solving Game — worth a grand total of $304 — at the discounted rate of $304 $99, with lifetime access and all the bonus material for free. Yes, that’s a 67% discount!

What’s more, if you don’t pass the test within 60 days and you tell me the course was not worth it, I will refund 100% of it.

So, click the button below and join the hundreds of candidates that I helped to get into McKinsey. I look forward to helping you land your dream offer!

Imbellus Solve Combo

Unlock the Best way to Pass the McKinsey Game

Frequently Asked Questions

You will make $100k+ with your McKinsey job in a few years. Most people don’t prepare and fail the McKinsey PSG. With the Combo, you either pass the test or you get your money back. So it is completely risk-free.

Let me give you 3 reasons in good consulting setting 😉 :

1. You will learn everything you need to know about the PSG main games in just 2 hours

2. If you don’t pass, you get 100% money back 

3. Even in case of a full refund because you are rejected, you can still keep all the bonuses

You can check the 200+ 5-star reviews on independent platforms here. This worked for them and will work for you as well (that’s why I can offer a 100% money-back guarantee).

Just watch the simulation and you will learn everything you need about the main game in 2 hours. If you want to go deeper, I also offer a free 147-page pdf guide with everything you need to know on the game. This is the fastest way to learn about the Imbellus game, risk-free.

You will just need 2 hours to learn everything you need about the main games via the videos. And this is risk-free – if you don’t pass the game, you will get your money back.

We will see how to solve both the Ecosystem and Plant Defense games step-by-step, with actual replicas of both games. You will learn how to create a chain in 16 minutes instead of 35 in the Ecosystem game, plus how to resist 25+ turns instead of 15 in two maps of the Plant Defense game.

Besides that, the course includes the McKinsey Imbellus Solve Game Secrets Guide with all 6 games described, the Automated Excel and the Consulting Industry Cheat Sheet.

Yes! If you don’t pass the test within 60 days and you tell me the Combo was not worth it, I will refund 100% of it.

Yes! If you are thinking how is this possible, it is simple: the Combo works, so I know you will pass the Game if you follow what shown there.

Please drop me a message in the chat, I will reply within 12 hours.

PSG Secrets

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